Rarely does a book come packaged in this way, providing minute by minute inspiration and advice on how to find “Just One Reason to Live” for those who are suffering depression or having thoughts of suicide.
I highly recommend that people read and share this wonderful true life story and guide to finding real inner peace!
Families, educators, responders, chaplains and practitioners everywhere will benefit from JUST ONE REASON.
J. Gordon Boyd
CEO, FRONTLINE Task Force on Public Safety. 37 years Ambulance officer Canada
Just One Reason is a game changer in a very traumatic space!
Walter Mikac
This book contains a powerful message: in moments of crisis, turn your focus to searching for and holding on to ‘your’ one reason to stay safe.
Eva Ritter
Volunteer mental health phone counsellor
This book is a practical tool designed to resonate with the young man who is enduring his darkest hour. I believe that it will help him pull through.
Dr Scott Pearson
General Practitioner B Med, MD, DCH, FRACG
Hi Stu, I just read your book. Thank you for sharing your story. I lost my dad to suicide 10 years ago... a toolkit like this could have saved his life. This book could have given me and my family some tools to open up the conversation about his depression and focusing on ‘just one reason’... rather than him falling deeper into his darkness.
E. Stone
What a Huge little big this is!
B Goldman
NSW, Australia
Most people find writing very therapeutic but don’t get around to actually doing it. Having the book right there in your pocket removes that barrier, it’s so good and I highly recommend it to anyone suffering with their mental health.
Sarah Radford
Mental Health Support Worker
I received my little book today and it is so recommended for anyone who has gone through suicide thoughts and really just want to give up but after reading the book it is very powerful and will definitely be going everywhere with me
C Oneill
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