Frequently Asked Questions

This unusual looking book is full of interesting sections, which have one intention. 'To keep the reader alive'. This book is very worthy of everyones' $15.

The book is similar in size to an iPhone. Depression is a very private situation for many people. This toolkit is intended to be a very private and personal book. Being able to read your book discreetly in public or private is a key function of the book on your path to recovery and well being.

Yes, most definitely. When writing the book, I was very mindful as a father to 3 boys to not have anything within the book which could be a trigger. The book has been scrutinised by a medical practitioner and highly recommended as a powerful resource. I am so pleased to hear from parents who have children that have read the book and their mates have requested a copy for themselves. One of my sons keeps the book next to his bed!

That is a very reasonable question. Everyone is different and will each have their own experiences. A component of the book is to help get the reader into writing down some of their feelings. The practice of writing can be very cathartic and can also be step 1 to recovery. The book is the readers fireside best friend. It can be carried everywhere, written in, counted upon 24/7

Yes for sure. Depression and suicide effects all genders and does not discriminate. The photos used throughout the book can draw a smile, some comfort and ultimately the whole concept of Just One Reason is universal for any age, any gender, any nationality. Please read our reviews to see what our female readers are saying.

My best advice here is to use discretion. Giving a book like this is a gift of love. You might be pleasantly surprised just how grateful the recipient is. Knowing someone cares is a powerful medicine.

Yes, no problems. If you would like a personal message added to the book from you please include this at the time of purchase in the message area.

One way is to buy multiple copies and leave them in places like work lunch rooms, near the photocopier or even in the bathroom.

Yes, this is a definite strategy we are embracing. At the time of purchase please advise where you would like to see the books. For example, if you are outside of Australia, you can nominate a school, place of worship, a club, or emergency services. We will track down the correct person, the correct details and then check in with you prior to sending for your approval. High five to you for being a great and inspiring global citizen in your community.

Firstly, you are not the first person to have revealed this to me. I expect this pattern will continue. There is a poster designed to place on your wall somewhere within your practice. When placing your order, be sure to let us know you require the poster. We will send you a full colour PDF which you can then print. All we ask is that you sell for our RRP $14.90 or gift them.

Yes. I have adapted the book into a workbook for classrooms. The workbook can be included free of charge. At the time of purchase, please advise the name of your school and I will include the artwork for you.

We will be assessing this in the near future. Currently we are fulfilling all demand through our own website.

Not currently. We will be assessing this in the near future.

Yes, please order in Other Language. Then add the name of the language you require in the message section. Allow 4 weeks for your Ebook to be ready.

Yes, worldwide I would like to have trained facilitators. Please email with your details.

Yes, please allow extra Postage and Handling. Allow 30 days for delivery

Currently this is 250 books. Please email for more details.

Yes. We will offer zoom workshops.

The book is similar in size to an iPhone. It is intended to be a very private and personal book. Being able to read your book discretely in public or private is a key function of the book.

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