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Just One Reason ™️

The Mental Health Book rapidly on it’s way to being an Australian #1 best seller since it’s release in July

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“This book has given me and my family the tools to open up the conversation about suicide.”- KS NSW

“This book is literally amazing! It helped not only myself, but many of my mates – especially when we lost a mate to suicide recently.”

TG Brisbane

“I have read this book multiple times and so has my 21 year old … who rates it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

Kylie NSW

“A very readable, thought provoking little book. It details one persons very intense battle with depression and his struggles which serves as a mirror for many people. I recommend a copy for yourself and your loved ones”

K Victoria

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This super powerful book is your instant resource to get you through your darkest hours. This HUGE little book helps you to not feel alone. It’s true that a book can instantly become your best friend. Best friends are there when you need them most. Like most people you can truly count your best friends on one hand. This book is your new best mate!! You can speak to your new book and know it will not judge you ever!


Just One Reason can be easily read in 10-15 minutes. This is the type of book where many people are already saying "why couldn't something so simple, yet so powerful have been thought of before." Just One Reason is full of black and white straight forward information based on Stuart's experiences, designed to help when you are feeling overwhelmed with life.

Lasts a lifetime

When creating this book, there was only one option and that was to create a hardcover book wrapped in linen on quality paper. Just One Reason is a toolkit. Your toolkit. With any quality tools they are designed to last. This book is guaranteed to last!


The pocket size of Just One Reason allows it to be used in a discreet and easily accessible manner. Check out the photo of the book in my hand. It is similar in size to mobile phone and easily fits in any pocket or carry bag. Being pocket sized also means it is a fantastic gift of life to someone you care for. There will not be any awkward moments handing over this discreet self-help book.

Hello Friend,

Thank you for dropping into Just One Reason. I genuinely hope you are ok!

It’s a tough gig being in a space where you need this book! I honestly wish I could take a magic pill just once and never need my own book ever again! Part of writing my book is that I felt I needed a  solution to keep myself safe. For me, this is very sustainable long term. Putting my feelings and Just One Reason solution in writing seemed like the best option.
As it turns out, my strategy can help anyone. Even you!

After my book was finally printed and I gave the first copy to my Mum, she revealed even more of her own personal situation to me. I already knew a lot, however, the book opened up even more dialogue than I had ever had with her before. Mum said to me that she wishes a book like this had been available for her when she was in her darkest spaces. To hear this from my Mum, not only pulled on every heartfelt string to feel her pain, it was also the highest compliment my book could ever get!

Since I have started sharing my book, I have been so encouraged by the immediate impact the book is having and how much the conversations have changed within families already. It seems the book is a fabulous way to have a conversation in a space that has for too long been off limits.

This little book gives the reader ‘Hope’! Hope that life will be ok, hope that the reader can use the simple technique contained in this book to keep themselves alive.

One of the biggest powers of my book is the size and format! The books principle purpose is to be a toolkit in your hour of need. Therefore, it stands to reason to make the book practical in size so you can carry it with you 24/7 if you feel the need. A book that gets carried daily also needs to be super strong! After all, if this book is your new fireside friend, you want it to last and last!

I am 100% confident you will get more than enough out of this unique resource and it will serve you very well. Please stay strong and standing upright!

Take care of you!

Please join the Just One Reason private Facebook group today. You are welcome to join me and other persons who have read the book and have their own stories. This a great, safe space, to openly share and interact with other readers. I look forward to chatting with you. Thanks Stuart


“This book contains a powerful message: in moments of crisis, turn your focus to searching for and holding on to ‘your’ one reason to stay safe.”
– Eva Ritter, Volunteer mental health phone counsellor

Just One Reason is a game changer in a very traumatic space– Walter Mikac

“This book is a practical tool designed to resonate with the young man who is enduring his darkest hour. I believe that it will help him pull through.”
– Dr Scott Pearson
General Practitioner

“Rarely does a book come packaged in this way, providing minute by minute inspiration and advice on how to find “Just One Reason to Live” for those who are suffering depression or having thoughts of suicide. I highly recommend that people read and share this wonderful true life story and guide to finding real inner peace! Families, educators, responders, chaplains and practitioners everywhere will benefit from JUST ONE REASON.”
– J. Gordon Boyd CEO, FRONTLINE Task Force on Public Safety.
   37 years Ambulance officer Canada

  Hi, I’m Jim Boyd for 37 years I was an ambulance paramedic. I saw an awful lot of depression and suicide. Today I direct a public safety group that provides teenagers with life safety and wellness education. Our task force studies ways to provide effective supports to those who are suffering from depression, and substance abuse. Things that often go hand in hand. When we were sent a copy of Just One Reason to review, I felt that we had struggled in the fight to help people who are thinking about suicide. I called on many experts in PTSD, and mental health throughout North America asking them to review Just One Reason. I believe in this little book. It is not intended to provide proper medical support, but it is an effective tool to provide support to those who are hurting. For my colleagues in the EMS, fire service, and policing who are under stress like never before… I encourage them to read this book. I’ve studied mental health for over 40 years and I have yet to see anything, like Just One Reason. It is plain talk. It shoots from the hip. There’s no medical or psych jargon. It fits in a shirt pocket or a purse. The cover is plain. It gives no clue as to its contents. So there’s no reason for concern that others may know what you’re reading. Readers may wish to give this book to their colleagues and crisis, to a friend or a family member who’s depressed and perhaps having thoughts of harming themselves. The work was created for any mature person, not just responders. This little book is pure gold. Whatever we can do to provide someone from taking their own life we should do. Thanks for listening. J. Gordon Boyd CEO, FRONTLINE Task Force on Public Safety. 37 years Ambulance officer Canada
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